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As part of its assignment(s) Oxford Portfolio Advisers Ltd (“OPAL”) offers Dataroom Services to its client(s) (the “Company”). Such an External Data Room (“EDR”) contains relevant financial and operational information about the Company (collectively the”Information”). This Information has been provided by the Company and OPAL does not warrant its accuracy.

Access to the Dataroom and the Information herein is strictly confidential and for security reasons only available to invitees and upon registration of their details.

Sharing this URL link and/or the provided Entry Code with third-parties is strictly forbidden without the explicit consent of either the Company, or OPAL.

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    Each transaction has its own Dataroom and specific code. The Dataroom linked to this code has been specifically setup for the purpose of a DIV GROUP CORPORATE (RE)FINANCING TRANSACTION of ca. EUR 80M - 125M.

    By entering this Dataroom for transactions other than the one described above, you risk violating certain copy- and intellectual property rights.

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